San José del Cabo

San José del Cabo is the perfect location if you want to vacation with your family, friends, or love partner. Here you’ll be able to take more than one pleasant memory. This town is one of the best tourist places in the Peninsula. In this text, you will find all the information you need to visit San José.


On April 8th, 1730, Jose Echeverria and Nicolás Tamaral were the Jesuit priests responsible for founding the town’s mission near a creek. After the country’s independence, farms and cattle ranches started to conform the city and its shape.

In 1857 it became more important than the other regions around it thanks to its agricultural distribution.

In the twentieth century, San Jose had an economic and population drop, so it stopped being called an urban location. It was in 1952 that the touristic activity started to develop with the creation of the O’Fisher hotel. Nowadays, the main economic activities are tourism and sport fishing due to the plenty of fish.


It sits in the municipality of Los Cabos in the Baja California Sur state. A coastal plain and sandy and rocky beaches are the main characteristics of its scenery. It is 180 km from the city of La Paz and 33 km from Cabo San Lucas. San Jose del Cabo is also found in the marine region of the Sea of Cortez.

The vegetation can withstand high temperatures and long periods with no precipitation, these plants are choyas, cactus, mesquite, pitahaya, etc.

Touristic places

Historic Monuments

There is an estuary mission in Las Palmas called Anuití; it was Father Nicolas Tamaral who founded it on April 1730. The other one is Santiago de las Coras mission, it was Father Ignacio Napolí responsible to found it on August 10th, 1721.

estero san jose del cabo

Ecological Park

San Jose del Cabo estuary is one of the main touristic places thanks to its extensive vegetation and the ecologic paradise where many tropical birds live. This ecologic reserve is a protected area due to the loss of flora and fauna.

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These are the main attractions for tourists. This town’s beautiful beaches have the perfect waves for surf lovers and calm waters to make your family or honeymoon vacations special. Also, you can find some whale watching tours.

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Golf Camps

For those who love golf, there is more than one golf camp to take courses with the best teachers and material to learn. Most of the camps have restaurants and bars to take a break.

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Patron Saint of San Jose del Cabo Festival

From 16th to 22nd of March, being the 19th the most important one, San Jose del Cabo celebrates the Patron Saint of San Jose del Cabo. Before the Festival there is a call for all single women to participate in a Queen contest.

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