Los Barriles

Los Barriles, nestled along the pristine shores of the Sea of Cortez, captivates visitors with its unspoiled natural beauty and laid-back charm. The town boasts miles of golden sandy beaches where azure waters gently lap against the shore, creating an idyllic setting for swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. In Los Barriles, the pace of life slows, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant local culture, enjoy fresh seafood dishes, and experience unforgettable sunsets over the sea.


Los Barriles has a rich history rooted in its origins as a fishing village along the eastern coast of the Baja California Peninsula. Originally settled by indigenous Pericú people, the area later became a hub for fishermen from mainland Mexico who sought the abundant marine life in the Sea of Cortez. Over time, the town developed into a small community focused on traditional fishing practices and agriculture. In recent decades, the discovery of its natural beauty and recreational opportunities has drawn tourists seeking a peaceful retreat amidst the desert landscapes and pristine beaches. Today, Los Barriles retains its small-town charm while embracing tourism as a vital part of its economy, offering visitors a glimpse into its past through local festivals, arts, and culinary traditions.


Los Barriles is a town on the eastern coast of the Baja California Peninsula, in Baja California Sur, Mexico. It is located along the Sea of Cortez and is known for its desert landscapes, rugged mountains, and beautiful beaches. The climate is arid and warm, perfect for outdoor activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and hiking. The area is a popular destination for tourists seeking a serene coastal retreat.

Entertainment Activities

East Cape Dorado Shoot Out Cabo Airport Shuttle

East Cape Dorado Shoot Out

The East Cape Dorado Shoot Out is an annual fishing tournament held in the waters off Los Barriles. It typically takes place in late July or early August. This tournament is one of the largest of its kind in Baja California Sur, attracting anglers from around the world. Participants compete to catch the heaviest dorado (mahi-mahi) fish. The Dorado fish is abundant in the Sea of Cortez during this time of year, making it an ideal location for the tournament. The event is known for its festive atmosphere and competitive spirit. Apart from fishing, the event often includes social gatherings, awards ceremonies, and opportunities for participants and spectators to enjoy local cuisine and entertainment.

Fiesta Los Barriles Cabo Airport Shuttle

Fiesta de los Barriles

Fiesta de los Barriles is an annual celebration held in Los Barriles. It usually takes place in late March. This festival celebrates the town’s local culture, traditions, and community spirit. It typically spans several days and includes a variety of events and activities. During the event, visitors can enjoy parades, live music, traditional dancing, art exhibitions, and regional food stands offering delicious Mexican cuisine. There are often competitions, such as fishing derbies, ATV races, and beach volleyball tournaments. The festival is an opportunity for locals and visitors alike to come together and celebrate the heritage of Los Barriles. It often includes activities that showcase the talents and creativity of the community, such as arts and crafts displays and local artisan markets. The Fiesta de los Barriles is a highlight of the year for residents, offering a chance to strengthen community bonds and share the town’s unique identity with visitors.

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ATV Tours

The ATV tours typically take you through desert trails, sandy dunes, and off-road tracks, offering a thrilling experience amidst the natural beauty of Baja California Sur. There are various tour operators in Los Barriles that offer guided ATV tours. These tours are led by experienced guides who are knowledgeable about the area’s geography, flora, and fauna.

Hiking and Mountain Biking los barriles cabo airport shuttle

Hiking and Mountain Biking

Los Barriles is surrounded by the Sierra de la Laguna mountains, offering numerous hiking trails that vary in difficulty and length. These trails lead through desert landscapes, canyons, and forests. The same trails that are popular for hiking are also suitable for mountain biking. Mountain biking enthusiasts can enjoy single-track trails, challenging climbs, and thrilling descents. The best times for hiking and mountain biking in Los Barriles are during the cooler months, from October to April when the weather is more pleasant for outdoor activities.