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Cabo San Lucas is the most visited town in all the Peninsula. Here you’ll enjoy beautiful beaches from the Pacific Ocean with your family or love partner. You are going to take the most unforgettable memories. In this text, you’ll find all the information you need to visit Cabo San Lucas.


In 1537 it was Francisco de Ulloa the founder of the region. However, Francisco wasn’t the first man to get here, there were a group of Europeans and native and pre-Hispanic tribes that came first. Before tourism took place in Cabo, the economic activity was fishing, people started to come specially to hunt for marlin.
At the middle of the twentieth century, Cabo San Lucas became very well known for people that drove their yachts to fish. It was not until 1981 that the State Congress approved the creation of this fourth municipality.
When the twenty-first century began, Cabo presented a huge increase in the population and tourist market.


Cabo San Lucas sits in the extreme south of Baja California Sur. It is 220 km away from La Paz city, which is the capital of the state. The region sits in the stunning seas of the Pacific Ocean.The predominant vegetation is poor due to the semi-dry climate and dry lands. The type of plants are choyas, cactus, mesquites, pitahaya (the traditional fruit of the region), pastures, and more.

Touristic places

old lighthouse los cabos

Historic Monuments

One of the most famous historic monuments in Cabo is the Faro Viejo in Cabo Falso. Don Joaquin Palacios built the lighthouse between the years of 1904-1905. Since its construction and the 60’s final year, this monument served as a reference point for navigation and international trade.

arch of cabo san lucas

Ecological Parks

The iconic and so photographed Arch or, sometimes called, “the end of the land”. The Arch is a rocky form that came out from the ocean at the tip of the Peninsula. This is the main tourist attraction and that’s why it has been considered a synonym of Cabo San Lucas.

los cabos beaches


Cabo has the clearest waters and sandy beaches from the southern Baja. Medano, Chileno Bay and Santa Maria are the most famous beaches in the municipality. However, Love and Divorce beaches are also very visited due to the irony that they are just a short walk from each other, you can get to them on a speedboat. In addition, you can do tons of aquatic activities like kayak, scuba-diving, and sport fishing.

bisbees black and blue marlin tournament los cabos

Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournaments

This famous tournament starts, always, in October with more than 200 boats participating. It has only five days of duration, where people from all over the world come to the most important activity of the state. For example, in 2006 the most expensive cash payment was for more than 4 million dollars.

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