Grocery Stop

Start enjoying your vacation as soon as you arrive at our destiny.

Grocery stops are available only for private transfers for 30 minutes with a cost of 25 USD.

We strive for perfection and at the same time saving our clients from expensive charges that some of our competitors may nickel and dime. From the moment you pick up the phone to the moment you are headed back home, we are analyzing our entire system on how we could have saved our clients more cash in their pockets. As a returning client, our rates will get lower, but our services do not diminish.

Walmart, Costco, La Comer, you choose!

We will accommodate your transportation needs directly to your doorstep

Your chauffeur will be responsible for carrying your luggage to your condo or hotel. Stopping at the grocery store is welcomed as long as it has been pre-arranged; a convenient store stop is welcomed as well as long as it is kept to a minimum of 15 minutes and does not need to be pre-arranged.

At your departure

There is no need to call our office; our reservation system will notify us

of your scheduled departure date and pick up time.

Regardless our contact information will be on your voucher

including office number located in Cabo San Lucas.